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Water Your Soul

November 11 - 15, 2015
Manzanita, Oregon


Water Your Soul

November 11 - 15, 2015
Manzanita, Oregon

water your soul

It's time to
take care of you

What does water your soul really mean?

It's creating space for you in the midst of whatever the day hands you.

It's taking a walk each day and noticing the world outside even on the days the rain drips on your head.

It's saying "Yes" to pieces of your life that invite in more joy and connection and saying "No" to doing it all.

It's blocking out alone time in your planner because you know recharging is non-negotiable.  

It's looking in the mirror and telling the woman looking back at you "I've got you kid."

It's stepping into vulnerability when you look at your partner and say, "I know you're annoyed right now, but I just really need a hug."

It's realizing you're slipping into the old stories about not enoughness and putting on Johnny Cash and singing into your hairbrush to dance it out.

It's sitting on the front step for five minutes just to give yourself some space so you can move forward from a sense of being grounded.

It's holding the beauty of your life in one hand and the grit of the day in the other and letting yourself feel all the feelings.

It's choosing love even when it feels almost impossible.

Watering your soul is about creating space for you, space for your soul care practice, in the midst of whatever life hands you. It's seeking the space in the in-between moments and nourishing yourself. It's saying "Yes" to filling up your internal well, so you can be more present to your life and your loved ones. 

It isn't always easy, which is why we practice it again and again. It isn't always pretty, which is why we circle to tell the true stories to be reminded that we aren’t alone.

But it is a choice. Each day. It's a choice to say: I am ready to deeply connect with me, to be with myself in the quiet, to listen to what I need. It's a choice. And this retreat is going to help you make that choice a little more each day.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Some pieces that make this retreat special:

We'll spend time in conversation, learning, and experiencing creative self-care and mindfulness practices as a group. Additionally, in community we'll explore our own individual creative self-care. There will also be free time where you can rest and recharge.

This retreat is your opportunity to spend time with the self-care you're longing for in your life. 


We'll spend time practicing and learning about creative self-care as we play with words, take some photos, walk on the beach, and explore other forms of creative play and connection.

holding malas

listen to what you need to come home to you

You'll explore ways to seek stillness and spend time in the quiet. We'll talk about how you can create an individual mindfulness practice when you get home.

Recharge with Mother Ocean

The Pacific Ocean will be a teacher for us as we connect with her each day as she's literally steps away from the home where we'll gather. We'll also practice a story releasing ceremony and invite her to hold our stories. 



There will be time to play with your favorite art supplies and other creative goodness so you can remember the ways you want to fill up that creative well within you when you get home. 

experience mindfulness in Sacred space

We'll slow down and deeply experience mindfulness practices, create a community altar in the middle of our circle, and look at ways we can create space for the sacred in our daily lives.

kindreds on beach

Connect with Like-Minded Kindreds

There will be time to tell your story and listen to the stories of others. Many of the women who attend Be Present Retreats form friendships that last far beyond the retreat.

Before the retreat, I'll connect with you to help you decide what creative self-care practices you'll be bringing with you. For example, you might bring the knitting project you keep meaning to get back to, an art journal to play in, the "big girl" camera you haven't picked up in years, and so on. I'll also be bringing my usual vintage suitcases full of creative supplies for you to have fun with.


Water Your Soul :: Details

Water Your Soul :: Details

your retreat tuition includes

  • A safe environment that holds space for truth, laughter, moments of quiet, and the opportunity to share your story.
  • A heart-opening five-day experience that begins with a welcome dinner and opening ceremony on Wednesday evening and ends with a closing ceremony Saturday evening and farewell breakfast and one more gathering Sunday morning.
  • Daily group gatherings led by Liz where we'll dive into our self-care and mindfulness practices to water our soul.
  • Time in community to explore meditation, ritual, and everyday sacredness as ways to be more present in your daily life.
  • Most meals* and snacks that will nourish you and invite you to see food as a form of soul care. You'll have free-time on Thursday and Saturday to have lunch on your own to explore Manzanita.
  • Time away from your day-to-day roles where you can just show up as you.
  • The opportunity to connect with kindred spirits who might just become life-long friends.
  • A chance to practice self-care so you can begin to truly implement your own self-care and mindfulness practices when you go home.
  • A care package that will come to your mailbox before the retreat that will include goodies to get you excited and focused before we gather.
  • Evening activities: Opening and closing gatherings, an art & soul brunch, and other activities.
  • Snacks and hot tea/coffee provided daily.
  • Surprises and treats throughout our time together. 

Note: There are just 16 spots available at the Water Your Soul Retreat

*Meals include: Dinner Wednesday through Saturday, breakfast Thursday through Sunday and lunch on Saturday. 
GF and vegetarian options will be provided at every meal. Please share any food allergies on the registration form and we will take those into consideration as much as possible when planning meals and snacks. If you have food concerns, we will communicate with you or provide a sample menu if needed as we get closer to the retreat so you can decide where you might need to supplement based on your individual needs.

manzanita from above.jpeg

Water Your Soul :: Location

Water Your Soul :: Location


We'll gather in an oceanfront home (see photos below) in Manzanita, Oregon, which is a little town nestled just south of Cannon Beach. This is one of my favorite towns in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm delighted to be able to bring retreats to Manzanita again since finding the gorgeous Reed House.


Several styles of rooms are available for lodging at the main home (for an additional cost, see registration). Including private rooms with one bed (there is a special "bring a friend rate" for two friends who share a private room), shared rooms with two beds, and bunk bed rooms (bunks are adult-sized). 

Other Lodging

There are several other lodging possibilities in Manzanita including hotels and rental homes. Participants will be able to connect in our private Facebook group about sharing this other lodging if they want to. If you'd like more information about the options I'm familiar with, I'm happy to provide it when you register.

Note that the nearest airport is in Portland (PDX) and is about 90 minutes or so from the coast depending on traffic. There will be a private Facebook group for participants who want to connect ahead of time about renting cars together and carpooling etc. Many returning participants tell me that this ride to the ocean with new friends is one of their favorite parts of the retreats held on the Oregon Coast. The Main House will open at around 4:00 PM on Wednesday and we'll be done with our final gathering by about 10:30 AM on Sunday.

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reed house bedroom
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Water Your Soul :: Registration & Tuition

Water Your Soul :: Registration & Tuition

Registration for water your soul is Closed