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Photo taken by Lauren Oliver Photography

Liz Lamoreux is the host of each retreat and the author of Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media. She's on a path to grant you permission to hold the beauty and honor the grit of each day. And she's one of the top 50 pinners in the world (for real) and is sharing her message in the wild west of social media.

She believes that beauty and truth are found when we share our stories through creativity and community, and she facilitates opportunities for women to shine a light on the stories just waiting inside them.

A trained yoga teacher, her experiences of community with other artists has encouraged her to see creativity as a form of yoga, and she now honors creating and writing as part of her personal yoga practice. She lives in the Puget Sound area with her husband, eight-year-old daughter, and little white dog, Lyle. Her current favorite things include cold brew coffee, pink polka-dotted straws, striped shirts, and savoring each word of Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Most days you can find her in her studio creating jewelry, writing, taking breaks to lip synch and "shake it off," and building with art journaling with her daughter. Find out more about Liz by visiting her website.