here a woman

A new adventure

When brainstorming names for this retreat, I filled an entire page with ideas and then decided that what I really want to call it is: The juicy, magical gathering of beautiful souls where we will feast and dance by the sea and deeply connect and step into the light of the gorgeous, messy, true lives we want to live retreat.

But that is way too long to put on a mug, so I'm calling it One Move. (And yes, there will be mugs.)

And I'm calling it One Move because it all comes down to this: So many of us have a vision for ourselves that we want to step into - a dream, an idea, a hope, a desire deep inside you. It might be a big idea with many steps that need to happen to make it real. It might be a simpler dream that you could make happen today. It might be starting a new business, being more present to your daily life, writing that book that's inside you, or even just taking 10 minutes out of each day to recharge.

No matter the vision you have swirling inside you, you have to take the first step, then the next, then the one after that. You have to make one move each day to make it happen and to sustain it.

When you make the choice to come to this retreat, you'll be choosing One Bold Move that you want to make in your life.

This move might be big, or it might be really really quiet. You might already have one in mind as you read these words, or you might need to choose one from the many you have inside you.

When you leave the One Move Retreat, you'll have your unique roadmap to guide you wherever your adventures take you.

Some pieces that make this retreat special:

Before the retreat, I'll be connecting with you to help you decide on what your focus will be during the retreat. You'll also receive a care package in the mail with some soul work inside for you to do before you come. There will be a book and a few other surprises and good things inside. These tools will give you a place to begin and get you ready for our time together. Having a book club aspect of this retreat will give us a starting place for our conversation. I. Can't. Wait.

Then as we gather on the Oregon Coast to play with paper and color and words, take photos, share stories, and deeply connect, your One Bold Move will be the theme you'll focus on. We'll be creating:

A roadmap

At this retreat, we will begin to create a roadmap to help us plot out the small and big moves we need to make now and in the future. 

A journal

We'll fill up a journal with ideas, images, inspiration, and our stories that will become a beacon of light for us as we take our next steps.

A New kind of path

We'll also dance it out and take photos to help us capture the clues as we remember the little girl inside us and there will be lip syncing.

After the retreat, we'll connect again, you and me, about how your small and big moves are going. It has become really important to me to add in this layer of connection so you feel supported as you begin living your one bold move into reality.