About the Your Story Retreat

March 26-30, 2014 in Gearhart, Oregon

Registration is closed.

Come along to the Oregon Coast for five days with Elise Blaha Cripe, Kelly Barton, and Liz Lamoreux as your guides!

photo by Vivienne McMaster (Your Story 2012)

During our time on the coast, we will explore ways to tell our stories through writing and poetry, painting and printing, sharing stories, and lots of other creative fun. We will look at how our dreams can inform our stories and dive into the topic of how to embrace the everyday joys and the messy parts of daily life. 

Throughout the retreat and workshops, Elise, Kelly, and Liz will share stories and creative tools while creating a safe, encouraging environment for everyone. We will let our cameras guide us, walk on the beach, and let the sun shine upon our heads as we listen to one another and share pieces of who we are.

Note: There are just 25 total participant spots at this small retreat. 18 spots include lodging, 7 spots available for those who want to find their own lodging. 

Gearhart (photo by Vivienne McMaster)

All Be Present Retreats include:

  • A safe environment that holds space for truth, laughter, moments of quiet, and the opportunity to share your story.
  • A heart-opening five-day experience that begins with a welcome dinner and opening ceremony on Wednesday evening and ends with a closing ceremony Saturday evening and farewell breakfast Sunday morning.
  • Three workshops that will provide you with the opportunity to sink into poetry + writing, creative play, painting, printing and stamping techniques, conversations, and “being present practices,” so that you can add tools to your creative toolbox and give yourself the gift of uncovering more of your story.
  • Space to connect with Liz, Elise, and Kelly as your companions as they participate in the entire retreat alongside you.
  • Time in community to explore meditation, ritual, and everyday sacredness as ways to be more present in your daily life.
  • The opportunity to connect with kindred spirits who might just become life-long friends.
  • A time away from your day-to-day roles where you can just show up as you.
  • The opportunity to connect with teachers who deeply understand the power of healing through creativity and will share stories that will remind you that you are not alone.
  • An invitation to come home to yourself.

photo by Vivienne McMaster (Your Story 2012)

Your tuition also includes: 

  • Four nights of lodging, shared rooms (twin beds throughout the bedrooms with 2 to 4 people per room; unless you choose the non-lodging option)
  • All meals* (except one dinner as the schedule includes free time one evening to explore the surrounding areas at your own pace), and this year we have our own kitchen guide, Sasha Clements, who will be nourishing and organizing us during meal time
  • Snacks and hot tea/coffee/water provided daily
  • All group gatherings led by Liz, Kelly, and Elise
  • Evening activities: Opening and closing gatherings, an art & soul brunch (which will provide the opportunity for teachers + participants to share, trade, and sell their artwork), and other activities
  • Surprises and treats throughout our time together

When you come to Your Story, you will want to have room in your suitcase because we will be sharing some of our favorite goodies with you throughout the retreat and you’ll need a bit of space to take them home. There will also be a small supply list of things for you to bring with you that will be provided as we get closer to the retreat.

Visit the location and teachers + workshops pages for more information about Your Story. 

Important Note: The closest airport is the Portland Airport. Transportation to and from Gearhart is not included. Past participants have rented cars and carpooled and often arrive early Wednesday to spend a few hours in Portland exploring together. We will have a private Facebook group where participants and teachers can connect prior to the retreat about carpooling and other good things.

*GF and vegetarian options will be provided at every meal. Please share any food allergies on the registration form and we will take those into consideration as much as possible when planning meals and snacks. If you have food concerns, we will communicate with you or provide a sample menu as we get closer to the retreat so you can decide where you might need to supplement based on your individual needs.